Welcome to Jack of All Trades: A Konoha Akinori Fanzine!
This is a Konoha-centric zine that focuses on the versatility in his skills alongside his ability to adapt in alternate universes and relationships.



What is a zine?
A zine (also known as a fanzine) is the collaborative works between artists and writers to create an unofficial, fanmade publication resembling a magazine. Zines may be digital and/or physical, consisting of content surrounding a specific fandom.
What are the zine's specs?
The zine will be in A5 size.
What timezone is this zine's team using?
We're working based off of the Pacific (PST) timezone (GMT -8).
Will this zine be physical or digital?
This zine will be available as a digital PDF and will have digital merch add-ons.
Is this zine for profit or charity?
This zine will be for-profit.
Will this zine include ships?
This zine will include both romantic and platonic relationships as long as Konoha remains the centre focus of the piece; mentions and references to other characters is okay. However, we would like to have more gen content over ships.
Will this zine have NSFW?
This zine will not contain any NSFW content.
How will contributors be compensated?
Contributors will receive a free PDF of the zine as well as all digital merch.
Do you have a question that isn't answered here?
Feel free to ask any questions you have about this zine through DMs, our email or our Ask.fm


Interest Check03/09 - 02/10
Mod Applications10/10 - 05/11
Mod Results08/11
Contributor Applications05/12 - 17/01
Contributor Results26/01
Acceptance Deadline02/02
Pitches Due11/02
Check-In #127/02
Check-In #227/03
Final Submissions30/04
Preorders10/06 - 10/07

Meet The Mods

Mod Vie | Head, Art, Graphics
18, they/she/he
Hej hej, my name is Vie and my mind is in an endless loop of Fukurodani's #7 and Karasuno's #11.Experience
This is my first time modding a zine, but I have experience as a page artist.
carrd, instagram, twitter, tumblr

Mod Lea | Social Media
27, she/her
Hey! I'm Lea, always thinking of Konoha 24/7 and is definitely stuck and struggling at rare pair ships.Experience
This would be the first time I'll be a mod for a zine but I had a couple of experiences when it comes to events.
carrd, twitter, instagram, AO3

Mod Bella | Writing/Beta
21, she/her
Hi! I'm Bella, your local overworked and caffeine-fueled mod. I've recently found myself drowning in an ocean of WIPs, so if you need me all you need to do is shout that you have coffee. 10/10 guaranteed it would work. Konoha's just a funky little guy who deserves all the love he can get.Experiencecarrd, twitter, AO3

Mod Nyx | Organization and Communication
22, they/he
Howdy! When I'm not studying marine biology you can find me writing essays on video game lore and simping over Konoha.
Konoha's so sassy I feel like he would cheat at board games against me and you know what? I'd let him.
Experiencetwitter, AO3

Mod Solyong | Formatting
18, she/they
Solyong is your local kunimi + fukunaga kinnie who can be found doing layouts and music!
Konoha's unable to focus on a single thing and spreads themselves thin? Same.
Experiencecarrd, twitter

Mod Cara | Production and Shipping
22, she/her
Hello! I’m a Konoha enthusiast first and zine mod second. So excited to be here!!
I love his reliability! Every group has someone who holds them together, and Konoha always comes through for his teammates.
Experiencecarrd, twitter, twitter, instagram